All the way, baby!

From Create Your Own Story

"If I can get people to accept me going topless and without any clothes, can I go all the way?", I thought to myself, "The difference between full and total nudity and what I have now is just five measly fingers". That said, this was the most nerve-wracking bit. "Would people keep supporting me? Would this be too far, despite the small difference? How would it feel to be able to freely go down rides not only naked, but completely exposed?". These are the questions I kept asking myself but I already knew only the last one was important. I HAD to know what it was like. Even if only for a second. I've come this far, it would be a waste if I didn't. But I had to do this right. I would once in a while "accidentally" fan out my fingers a bit. Not a lot, but just enough for my slit to show through. I would let my hand ride up just a hair so people could see my labia just a little. I would also go up the stairs to the water slides and part my legs just a bit so the person behind me could see my pussy from under my ass. Over time I exaggerated these motions until my "cover" became just hanging my hand loosely in front. And then I did the unthinkable and remove my hand entirely. This was it! Now I was stark naked in the middle of the water park and while people noticed and liked it I was getting away with it! My cunt was completely exposed and I was free to ride any ride! My pussy was even beginning to part a bit from the excitement and I was starting to get wet!

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